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We conduct our outpatient training in six locations:

University Eye Service, Washington University Eye Center
In the University Eye Service (UES) over 9,000 patient visits are recorded yearly. Residents are supervised by attending physicians. They learn the basics of general eyecare, management of inpatient consultations and retina, glaucoma, cornea and anterior segment surgery cases. Third year residents are supervised by attending physicians and fellows. The Washington University Eye Center is comprised of eight subspecialty services. Second year residents assist full-time faculty and fellows in patient care. In addition to faculty, the chief resident supervises the UES clinic.

St. Louis Veterans' Affairs Medical Center
Dr. J. Banks Shephard administers the program which includes nearly 850 surgical and laser procedures and 8,000 outpatient visits each year in this clinic.

St. Louis Children's Eye Center
Dr. Larry Tychsen supervises the 4,000 annual outpatient visits and 350 surgeries in this clinical area devoted to pediatric ophthalmology.

Connect Care Medical Center
Drs. Navin Amin and Shilpa Amin Thornton oversee this ophthalmology clinical program with over 2,000 outpatient visits and approximately 200 surgery and laser procedures per year.

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