Steven Bassnett, PhD

Professor Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Office Phone: (314) 362-1604

Fax: (314) 362-3638


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  • B.Sc. Marine Biology, School of Animal Sciences University College of North Wales, Bangor, UK, 1979-1982
  • Ph.D. Biophysics, School of Biological Sciences University of East Anglia (UEA), UK, 1982 - 1987


  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Biophysics, UEA (Laboratory of Dr. George Duncan), 1987
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, MD (Laboratory of Dr. David Beebe), 1987 - 1990

Selected Publications

  1. Shi Y, Barton K, Petrash JM, Shiels A, Bassnett S. The stratified syncytium of the vertebrate lens. In review: Journal of Cell Biology 2008.
  2. De Maria A, Bassnett S. Spectrin proteolysis during lens fiber cell differentiation. For Submission to Journal of Biological Chemistry.
  3. Bassnett S. On the mechanism of organelle degradation in the ocular lens and other tissues. In review: Experimental Eye Research 2008.
  4. Shi Y, Bassnett S. Inducible gene expression in the lens using tamoxifen and a GFP reporter. Experimental Eye Research 2007; 85:732-737.
  5. De Maria A, Bassnett S. DNAse IIb distribution and activity in the mouse lens. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 2007; 48:5638-5646.
  6. Shiels A, King, JM, Mackay, DS, Bassnett S. Refractive defects and cataracts in mice lacking lens intrinsic membrane protein-2. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 2007; 48:500-508.
  7. Luo X, Kymes S, Gordon M, Bassnett S. Lens fluorescence and accommodative amplitude in presbyopia and pre-presbyopic subjects. Experimental Eye Research 2007; 84:1013-17).
  8. Zandy AJ, Bassnett S. Proteolytic mechanisms underlying organelle degradation in the ocular lens. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 2007; 48:293-302.
  9. Bassnett S. Three-dimensional reconstruction of cells in the living lens: The relationship between cell length and volume. Experimental Eye Research 2005; 81:716-23.
  10. Zandy AJ, Lakhani S, Zheng T, Flavell RA, Bassnett S. Role of executioner caspases during lens development. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2005; 280:30263-72.

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