Didier Hodzic, PhD

Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Office Phone: (314) 362-6800

Fax: (314) 362-2420

Email: HodzicD@vision.wustl.edu

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  • B.S. Biochemistry, University of Liege, Belgium, 1991
  • Ph.D., Molecular Oncology, University of Liege, Belgium, 1999


  • Fellow, Cell Biology, Washington University School of Medicine, 2000-2005
  • Research Assistant Professor, Cell Biology, Washington University School of Medicine, 2006-2008

Selected Publications

  1. Hale, C.M., Shrestha A.L., Khatau, S.B., Stewart-Hutchinson, P.J., Hernandez, L., Stewart, C.L., Hodzic, D. and Wirtz, D. Dysfunctional connections between the nucleus and the actin and microtubule networks in laminopathic models. Biophysical J. 95:5462-75 (2008).
  2. Stewart-Hutchinson, P.J, Hale, C.M., Wirtz D., Hodzic, D. Structural requirements for the assembly of LINC complexes and their function in cellular mechanical stiffness. Exp. Cell Res. 31:1892-1905 (2008).
  3. Lee, J.S.H., Panorchan, P., Hale, C.M., Khatau, S.B., George, J., Stewart, C.L., Hodzic, D., Wirtz, D. Effects of Nuclear lamin A/C deficiency on cell mechanics, polarization and migration. Biophysical J. 93: 2542-2552 (2007).
  4. Crisp, M., Liu, Q., Roux, K., Rattner, J.B., Shanahan, C., Burke, B., Stahl, P.D., Hodzic, D. Coupling of the nucleus and cytoplasm: role of the LINC complex. J. Cell Biol. 172: 41-53 (2006)
  5. Hodzic, D., Yeater, D.B., Bengtsson, L., Otto, H. & Stahl, P.D. Sun2 is a novel mammalian inner nuclear membrane protein. J. Biol. Chem. 279: 25805-25812 (2004).

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