Andley Lab

Usha Andley, PhD, Professor, Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

Dr. Andley’s profile

Research Interests

  • Role of chaperones in regulating protein homeostasis
  • Anti-cataract strategies that specifically target protein aggregation
  • The effects of protein aggregation on gene expression and cataract development
  • Autophagy and misfolded proteins in models of human congenital cataracts
  • Regulation of lens epithelial and fiber cell functions by crystallins

Current Projects

  • Investigating the mechanisms underlying cataract development in models of human hereditary cataracts, and correlating clinical cataract phenotype to markers of pathology
  • Analyzing the in vivo substrates of the molecular chaperones in the lens using knock-in mice expressing mutations associated with human cataracts
  • Examining the transcriptome changes in lenses associated with cataract development
  • Developing strategies to reduce lens opacification using small molecules in vivo
  • Developing blind and randomized trials in animal models to test efficacy of topical drug therapies to delay or reverse cataracts


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Selection of articles and book chapters

Review articles:

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Book Chapters

Andley UP. Alpha-crystallins (HspB4 and HspB5) and cataract diseases. Chapter 2.2. In: Small Stress Proteins and Human Diseases, Edited by A-P Arrigo and S.Simon, Nova Science Publishers Inc, NY, USA, 2011, pp. 245-262.

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