Ravi Lab

Nathan Ravi, MS, PhD, MD, FAAO, Professor Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Research Interests:

  • Artificial lens

  • Artificial Vitreous

  • Nanomedicine

  • Ocular Drug Delivery


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Dr. Ravi has over 100 publications, including papers, abstracts and 4 book chapters. He holds 8 patents and has delivered over 50 invited lectures. A few current and relevant publications are listed below

  1. Hamilton PD, Jacobs DZ, Rapp B, Ravi N, 2009: Surface Hydrophobic Modification of Fifth-Generation Hydroxyl-Terminated Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers and Its Effect on Biocompatibility and Rheology. Materials 2(3): 883-902.
  2. Reilly M.A., Ravi N, 2009: Microindentation of the Young Porcine Ocular Lens. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 131:044502.
  3. Reilly M, Hamilton PD, Perry G, Ravi N, 2009: Comparison of the Behavior of Natural and Refilled Porcine Lenses in a Robotic Lens Stretcher: Experimental Eye Research, 88(3): 483-494.
  4. Swindle KE, Hamilton PD, Ravi N, 2008: In situ formation of hydrogels as vitreous substitutes: viscoelastic comparison to porcine vitreous. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A. 87A-3: 656-665.
  5. Rapp B, Reilly MA, Hamilton PD, Shen A, Ravi N, 2008: Material Characterization of Porcine Lenticular Soluble Proteins. Biomacromolecules, 9(6):1519-1526.
  6. Reilly MA, Hamilton PD and Ravi N, 2008: Novel Dynamic Multi-Arm Radial Lens Stretcher: A Mechanical Analog of the Ciliary Body. Experimental Eye Research, 86:157-164.
  7. Andley U, Hamilton PD, Ravi N, 2008: Mechanism of Insolubilization by a Single point Mutation in αA-Crystallin Linked with Hereditary Human Cataract. Biochemistry, 47 (36): 9697–9706.
  8. Swindle KE, Ravi N, 2007: Recent Advances in Polymeric Vitreous Substitutes. Expert Rev. Ophthalmol. 2(2): 255-266.
  9. Foster WJ, Aliyar, HA, Hamilton PD, Ravi N, 2006. Internal Osmotic Pressure as a Mechanism of Retinal Attachment in a Vitreous Substitute. J. Bioact. Compat. Polym. 21(3): 221-235.
  10. Ravi N, Aliyar H, Hamilton PD, 2005: Hydrogel nanocomposite as a synthetic intra-ocular lens capable of accommodation, Macromol. Symp. 227(1): 191-202.