The Vision Function Testing Core provides Vision Function Testing (VFT) Services and provides Electronics Services devoted to the fabrication, maintenance and modification of specialized equipment used by core investigators. 

Brief overview of Vision Function Testing Services

The VFT Services include electrophysiological tests such as the Electroretinogram (ERG) and visually evoked potentials (VEPs) to assess visual function in small mammals.  The VFT module also offers behavior testing to assess visual function. 

ERGs measure light-evoked, electrical activity from the retina to assess rod and cone photoreceptor function, as well as signal transmission from photoreceptors to bipolar cells.  Certain aspects of inner retinal function can also be assessed. 

VEPs are used to assess visual signaling between the retina and the brain.  VEPS are evoked potentials recorded from the visual cortex in response to a flash of light

The OptoMotry system measures visual behavior in untrained, awake animals to test visual accuity and contrast sensitivity (the ability to discern between luminances of different levels)

Brief overview of Electronics Services

Electronics services include the design, fabrication, modification and repair of specialized electronic equipment. 

Meet The Visual Function Testing Core Team

Below is a list of major equipment available through the Vision Function Testing Core

Major Equipment

Location (McMillan)



Training required

(see Dr. Hennig)





UTAS ‘BigShot’ ERG 




Optomotry system




The department also has a Biopitgen small animal OCT system.  Please see the Morphology & Imaging Core  for further information

Fee Schedule (Updated February 2018)

Services & Fees

  • $200 training fee – One day of training, including supervision while you test one animal on that day
  • $57 per hour for you performing tests on your animals. (Time required is one hour per mouse for testing and 1-2 hours per mouse for data analysis and interpretation. Maximum number of mice that can be tested in one full day is 6).
  • $2,704 annual fee (This does NOT include training, which is required for each user who will perform testing.)
  • Data analysis available. Fees to be determined upon request.

Hours of availability:

Please contact the directors of vision function core for training

After being fully trained, you may sign-up on the FOM website (https:// to use the facility – first-come, first-serve.