Residents & Fellows Spotlight: Alex Barsam, MD, MBA

Alexander Barsam, MD, MBA

(Chief of Ophthalmic Trauma)

What are your future plans?

I’m staying on as a comprehensive ophthalmologist here at WashU!

Why did you choose Ophthalmology and your specialty?

You can make a tremendous impact on one’s life by helping their vision. It’s a field full of great personalities and once I realized I loved being in the OR it was an easy choice.

Why did you choose WashU?

I can’t think of a better culture to practice and continue growing in ophthalmology! I wanted the opportunity to teach residents and really get the opportunity to “see everything.”

What is your favorite memory of your fellowship?

Thinking about how much the first year class has grown over the past 12 months. It’s really incredible how hard they’ve worked to take care of some very sick and complicated patients. That will always be my best memory.

Favorite thing about living in St. Louis?

Blues, Cardinals, and Forest Park!

How did you survive quarantine?

Lots of hikes with my significant other, Kara followed by Dewey’s Pizza. Lots of Netflix. Fortunately we were still seeing patients, so it wasn’t hard to stay busy.

What did you learn in your fellowship that impacted you the most?

I reacquainted myself with the importance of a power nap.

How did you deal with the stress of your fellowship?

I was lucky to have some great help this year. From the younger residents to the fellows, they made my life much easier. Sleep and exercise are my usual go to when stress hits.

Favorite teacher or mentor and why?

I’ve had some incredible mentors along the way and it’s so tough to pick one. Dr. Culican, Dr. Lubniewski, and Dr. Huang all come to mind as great people who give their best to their patients, friends, and family.

What advice do you have for incoming fellows?

Always remember that there is an incredibly supportive faculty that has your back.