Online Vision Therapy

Convergence insufficiency

HTS2 Online Vision Therapy helps children with:

Convergence insufficiency is an eye condition that affects how your eyes work together when you look at nearby objects. When reading or looking at computer screens, our eyes naturally converge (turn in) slightly. This allows our eyes to focus easily and comfortably. However, if we are unable to produce the correct amount of inward shifting, we may experience blurred vision, double vision, eye strain or headaches.

Headaches or eye strain with close-up work or computer use: These issues sometimes
stem from problems in the focusing system of the eyes. If the eye muscles are struggling
to maintain focus, headaches may be a recurring issue. This type of headache is only
associated with a focusing issue and is typically relieved by stopping the activity and
resting the eyes.

Some eye deviations: Some eye muscle deviations that are not constant and are too small to be corrected with surgery may be improved with vision therapy.

The HTS2 program helps to strengthen these muscles and provide control over the focusing system through a series of computer based exercises that can be done at home.

Who is a good candidate for vision therapy?

We typically recommend this program for children at least six years old.

HTS2 is not recommended for children with a constant eye turn/drift, children with best corrected vision of 20/50 or worse, children with large intermittent eye turning/drifting or children unable to demonstrate some level of depth perception.

What is the average treatment time?

The typical therapy protocol will require your child to sit in front of a computer or tablet for around 15 minutes per day, five days per week.

Plan to spend approximately nine months working with the HTS2 vision therapy program. This duration may vary, depending on how frequently and consistently the program is used. The program comes pre-loaded with 100 sessions, but more can be added at any time for no additional cost. After the course is completed, the program is yours to keep and can be restarted at any time.


The cost of the program is $599. A $75 fee is charged for an initial appointment to determine if your child is able to successfully complete the activities and discuss any questions you have about the program. The initial consultation must be performed in person at the St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Clinic in Town and Country, Missouri. If you would like to continue with the vision therapy program, the remaining $524 will be charged. This cost includes unlimited access to the program. After the official course of vision therapy, your child can continue to access the activities.

Internet access is required to run HTS2. Recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Edge or Silk browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Your device must have a screen size of at least 7.5 inches wide, up to 100 inches wide. You can use a desktop, laptop or tablet to use HTS2, including iPads and Chromebooks. HTS2 will not run on a cell phone.

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