Each first year resident takes home call approximately every five days to cover Barnes-Jewish and Children’s Hospitals. For the first two months of the academic year (July and August), the first year resident is assisted by a second or third year resident.

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center is covered from home by the second year resident on the service.

Third year residents serve from home as consultants and surgical back-up. The residents cover the VA, Barnes-Jewish, Connect Care Medical Center and Children’s Hospitals while on these services.

Duty Hours Policy

Residents must care for patients in an environment that maximized effective communication. This must include the opportunity to work as a member of effective interprofessional teams that are appropriate to the delivery of care in the specialty. Time spend in the hospital by residents on at-home call must count towards the 80 hour maximum weekly hour limit. The frequency of at home call is not subject to the every third night limitation, but must satisfy the requirement for one day in seven free of duty when averaged over four weeks. At home call cannot be assigned on these free days. At home call must not be frequent or taxing as to preclude rest or reasonable personal time for each resident. Residents are permitted to return to the hospital while on at home call to care of a new or established patients. Each episode of this type of care, while it must be included in the 80 hour weekly maximum will not initiate a new “off duty period.”

All clinics are expected to begin between 8 am and 8:30 am, and last scheduled patients will be no later than 4:30 pm. A shift is defined as scheduled time in hospital; thus most shifts will end ~5:30 or 6 pm. No shift will exceed 24 hours, except for follow-up care or didactic purposes which may be continued for an additional 6 hours. Call responsibilities begin at 4:30 pm and ends at 7:00 am. First Year Residents will take call from home, typically on an averaged q 5 night rotation, as documented elsewhere in this handbook. Daily hours spent engaged in clinical activities (including daily clinical responsibilities, didactic sessions, phone consultations, and call consultations) will be checked for compliance with the 80-hour limitation by the program director three times per year. Any resident noting excessive sleepiness in themselves or another resident is responsible for immediately contacting the attending physician on duty, Chief Resident and/or the program director who will make arrangements for relief of that resident and redistribution of clinical responsibilities.