The Vision Science Training grant at Washington University in St. Louis (T32 EY013360) trains pre-doctoral scientists in the broad area of Vision Research

Students are drawn from graduate and programs in Biochemistry, Computational Biology, Developmental Biology, Human Statistical Genetics, Immunology, Molecular Biophysics, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics & Genomics, Microbiology & Microbial Pathogenesis, and Neurosciences.

The training program is delivered by 32 mentors, 22 of whom have NEI funding, studying nearly all aspects of ocular function and pathology.

Trainees participate in the rich environment of seminars, advanced courses, honorary lectures, journal clubs, and retreats offered  at Washington University.

The training program supports four graduate students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Training in Vision Science (ITVS) pathway for up to two years.

The overall goal of the program is to attract a cadre of gifted, well-trained biomedical scientists to careers in vision research.

If you are a doctoral student at Washington University and would like to be involved in vision research and are interested in finding out more about the training grant, please contact Jenna Krizan (