This multidisciplinary course is organized by the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences to provide a thorough introduction to the biology of major ocular compartments and their associated pathologies. The course provides a fascinating view of vertebrate eye development, anatomy, physiology and pathology.  Topics covered include: cornea, lens, vitreous, retinal development, visual processing, and pathologies, as well as central visual pathways. The course is open to graduate students and will be of particular interest to developmental and cell biologists, neuroscientists, geneticists, bioengineers, and clinician-scientists.  Postdoctoral fellows, Faculty, Residents and Technicians with an interest in the visual sciences are strongly encouraged to attend.

This course will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.15pm – 6.30pm (Apart from 9/26, 11/7 and 12/5 which will begin at 4pm)

Fall Semester 2019

Location:Maternity Building Conference room 725

Course master: Vladimir Kefalov

Access to course material

Date Topic Instructor Email
9/3/2019 Overview of the eye from an evolutionary perspective Joe Corbo
9/5/2019 Cornea I: Structure, physiology, transparency Andrew  Huang
9/10/2019 Cornea II: Stem cells and corneal  renewal Andrew Huang
9/12/2019 Structure and function: Aqueous humor inflow and outflow Carla Siegfried
9/17/2019 Lens: structure, cell biology. refractive errors and aging Steven  Bassnett
9/19/2019 Genetics of cataract- age related cataracts Alan Shiels
9/24/2019 Chaperone proteins in the eye Usha Andley
9/26/2019 Structure and function of the vitreous body Nathan Ravi
10/1/2019 Cell biology of retinal development Brian Clark brian.s.clark@wustl.ed
10/3/2019 Genetic control of retinal development Shiming Chen
10/8/2019 Neurobiology  of retinal development Daniel Kerschensteiner
10/10/2019 Genomic, proteomic, and transcriptomic analysis Philip Ruzycki
10/15/2019 Retina I:  Structure and  function Peter Lukasiewicz
10/17/2019 Retina II: Neurobiology of visual processing Phil Williams
10/22/2019 Neuroscience meeting (No class) ———————-
10/24/2019 Circadian rhythms and the visual system Erik Herzog
10/29/2019 Photoreceptors and visual adaptation Vladimir Kefalov
10/31/2019 Photoreceptors and signal transduction Vladimir Kefalov
11/5/2019 Immune privilege Thomas Ferguson
11/7/2019 Vasculopathies Rithwick Rajagopal
11/12/2019 Inherited retinal diseases Rajendra Apte
11/19/2019 Development, physiology and Pathophysiology Andrew Lee
11/21/2019 Central Visual Pathways – part I Josh Morgan
11/26/2019 Thanksgiving (No class)
12/3/2019 Central Visual Pathways – part II Andreas Burkhalter
12/5/2019 Glaucoma and Ganglion cell Neuropathies Banks Shepherd
12/10/2019 Central Visual Pathways – pathology Greg Van Stavern