The Interdisciplinary Training in Vision Science (ITVS) program is now part of the DBBS interdisciplinary research pathways and is available to graduate students with eligibility from multiple Ph.D. programs relevant to Vision Science (Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Computational and Systems Biology, Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology, Human and Statistical Genetics, Immunology, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics and Genomics, and Neuroscience). This pathway is also open to MSTP students. Clear opportunities for translational research abound as a broad array of advanced methods have transformed our understanding of the visual system and many blinding diseases continue to lack effective treatments.

We recently revamped the ITVS program linking it in with our T32 training grant

The new ITVS program is layered above the traditional Ph.D. programs and supports students focusing on four areas:

  1. Additional Course Work Combining Theory and Practice.
  2. Interdisciplinary Training.
  3. Building Professional Skills to Sustain a Career in Science.
  4. Mentoring.

ITVS Program Summary – Program will last two years

Parent Ph.D. Programs
Training Years 1-2
Pre-Requisite CoursesDBBS-Wide Courses
Program-Specific Courses
Research Rotations
Qualifying Exam
ITVS Program
Training Years 2-4
ITVS CoursesBiology and Pathology of the Visual System (Fall 2023 )
Advanced Methods in Vision Science
Translation in the Visual System
Project Building
 Interdisciplinary ResearchInterdisciplinary Thesis Committee
 Professional SkillsMentoring Junior ITVS Students
Annual ITVS Lecture
Individual Development Plan
Dinners with ITVS Faculty
Mentor/Mentee Training
Community Outreach
Summary of the components of the ITVS Program

Membership of this program is required to apply for funding from the T32 training grant

To apply; please complete this online form

Any questions, please contact Donna Mackay