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Earn $ when your referred friend or family member undergoes LASIK at WashU LASIK Surgery Center!

Discover the WashU LASIK Referral Rewards Program

At WashU LASIK Surgery Center, we believe that our satisfied patients are our best advocates. That’s why we’ve created the WashU LASIK Referral Rewards Program – a way to show our gratitude for spreading the word about our top-notch laser vision correction procedures.

How It Works

For New Referred Patients:
  • Enjoy Savings: When you’re referred by an existing patient, you’ll receive a $50 discount per eye on your LASIK surgery. It’s our way of welcoming you to the WashU LASIK family with open arms – and clearer vision.
For Ambassadors:
  • Earn Rewards: If you refer a new patient who completes LASIK surgery at WashU LASIK Surgery Center, you’ll receive a $50 thank you check. It’s a simple way to say thank you for your trust and support.

Why Join Our Referral Rewards Program?

  • Mutual Benefits: Both the ambassador and the new patient gain – you get rewarded, and your friend or family member enjoys a discount.
  • Trusted Recommendations: Your endorsement means a lot to us, and it helps others make informed decisions about their eye health.
  • Community Growth: Help us expand our community of satisfied patients who enjoy the life-changing benefits of LASIK surgery.

Join the WashU LASIK Referral Rewards Program today and start seeing the benefits – for you and those you care about. Thank you for being a valued part of our journey towards better vision for all.

Terms and Conditions:
  • To qualify as a WashU LASIK Ambassadors, you must have had LASIK Surgery at Washington University LASIK Surgery Center.
  • Referral rewards are $50 for each referred friend or relative who undergoes laser vision correction. You must be registered as an ambassador in order to collect any rewards.
  • New Referred patients receive a $50 discount per eye on their LASIK surgery at WashU LASIK Surgery Center.
  • Ambassador’s name or referral code/link must be used to qualify for the reward.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.
  • Employees are not eligible to receive referral reward payments.
  • Due the confidential nature of health information, you are not entitled to any third party protected health information.
  • Program subject to change or discontinuation without notice.
  • Offer void if:
    • Engaging in deceptive conduct.
    • Failing to inform the referred individual about participation.
    • Referrer has not attended a LASIK/PRK consultation at our center.