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Residents & Fellows Spotlight: Aaditya Shah, MD

Aaditya Shah, MD

Retina Fellow 2023-2025

Where are you from?

Munster, Indiana

Where did you attend Medical School?

Indiana University School of Medicine

Where did you complete your residency?

Here at WashU!

Why did you choose Ophthalmology and your specialty?

I chose Ophthalmology because it is a unique field that allows you to medically and surgically help patients in one of the most meaningful aspects of their life. It was a great blend of everything I was looking for, and my experience in residency truly reinforced that.

I chose to pursue a fellowship in Retina because it has been a lifelong endeavor to be a part of the “cool kids club.” The pathology and surgeries in retina are pretty sweet too.

Why did you choose WashU?

When I interviewed for residency, it felt like there was something unique about the culture and camaraderie at WashU. Neither my wife nor I had any ties to St. Louis, but she felt the same thing about her residency program, and we have both been extremely grateful to have now made our own community and some of our best friends while being here.

Favorite memory of your residency?

Easily all of the get-togethers with my class along with other co-residents/fellows/faculty! A close second was the inaugural faculty versus resident flag football game last year!

What did you learn in your residency that impacted you the most?

It is hard to put into words, but there have been numerous faculty, residents, and staff who have constantly inspired me throughout my residency because of all the often subtle/non-medical things that make them great caregivers and patient advocates. It is maybe a little cliché, but I’m grateful to have had the chance to be in that environment.

How did you survive during quarantine?

Spending time with my wife Janaki and taking on dog-parenting of our new puppy Coco.

What excites you most about starting your fellowship at WashU?

I’ve been fortunate to see how incredible the Retina faculty are at everything they do as a resident here. I’m excited to get the opportunity to learn as much as possible from them in my 2 years of fellowship!

What do you look forward to about living in St. Louis?

I’m excited to have at least a couple of more years with our friends and coworkers here and glad that we don’t have to say goodbye just yet!