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Residents & Fellows Spotlight: Catherine Gilbert, MD

Catherine Gilbert, MD

First year Ophthalmology Resident

Where are you from?
Seattle, WA

Where did you attend Medical School?
Tulane University School of Medicine

Favorite memory of Medical School?
During my research year I was able work on many projects at the same time, some in person and some virtually. One of my projects required me to travel around the country with my best friend and co-researcher to perform interviews with different physicians. This allowed me to have adventures while doing research, learning about entrepreneurship, and meeting incredible people!

Favorite memory of your intern residency year?
Getting to go out with my medicine team after a long call day and seeing each other the following morning for another day of work!

Why did you choose Ophthalmology?
Simple. The eye is by far the coolest part of the body. From the anatomy, to the pathology and surgeries; we get to examine and perform the coolest miracles trying to help people see the world around them.

Why did you choose WashU?
I was struck by the incredible community that was paired with a program that has the volume and mentors that will prepare us to be especially knowledgeable and experienced residents.

How did you survive during quarantine?
I 3D printed face shields and developed a city wide network to build and deliver 3D printed face shields to those on the front lines. I also worked with my best friend to develop a 3D printable PAPR that we later published.

What are you most looking forward to during your residency?
Finally learning the skills of an ophthalmologist with the absolute best co-residents I could have ever imagined.

What are you not looking forward to during your residency?
A lack of sleep and working so many weekends.

What specialty are you most interested in?
I could not say at this point! There is too much to learn!