Residents & Fellows Spotlight: Jason Papas, MD

Jason Papas, MD

(Cornea Fellow)

What are your future plans?

Private practice (The Eye Clinic) in North Canton, OH, near my hometown

Why did you choose Ophthalmology and your specialty?

Ophthalmology is what’s best about medicine. There is a mix of medical and surgical care, it is intellectually rewarding, and often being able to help patients quickly is very gratifying. I’ve always enjoyed suturing and complex anterior segment surgery, so Cornea was an ideal choice for me.

Why did you choose WashU?

Great mentors, great surgical volume, and awesome staff!

What is your favorite memory of your fellowship?

Getting to know the residents, and watching them grow as surgeons on the Cornea rotation!

Favorite thing about living in St. Louis?

COVID put a damper on things, but my kids love the zoo!

How did you survive quarantine?


What did you learn in your fellowship that impacted you the most?

Too much to list.

How did you deal with the stress of your fellowship?

Family time.

Favorite teacher or mentor and why?

I want to qualify this by saying I’ve learned so much from all the cornea attendings, and I appreciate their mentorship. I will truly take a piece of each of them and incorporate them into my practice style when I leave. But Dr. Lubniewski has been an amazing surgical mentor, and I know I’ll hear his voice in the back of my head whenever a tough case arises in the future.

What advice do you have for incoming fellows?

Don’t bring lunches on the Huang rotation–he’s got you covered!!