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Residents & Fellows Spotlight: Kalla Gervasio, MD

Kalla Gervasio, MD

Oculoplastics Fellow

Where are you from?

Washington Crossing, PA

Where did you attend Medical School?

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 

Where did you complete your residency?

Wills Eye Hospital 

Why did you choose Ophthalmology and your specialty?

I chose ophthalmology because I loved the combination of medicine and surgery within the specialty. I am passionate about orbital disease which is why I pursued both neuro-ophthalmology and oculoplastics fellowships. 

Why did you choose WashU?

I chose WashU because of the welcoming culture I experienced at my fellowship interview and the outstanding clinical and research opportunities available at the institution.

Favorite memory of your residency?

My favorite memory of residency was teaching my junior residents in the Wills Eye Emergency Room. 

What did you learn in your residency that impacted you the most?

Serving as a text editor for the new edition of the Wills Eye Manual taught me just how much hard work and foresight goes into writing textbooks!

How did you survive quarantine?

I survived quarantine by watching Netflix and investing in an Italian espresso machine. 

What excites you most about starting your fellowship at WashU?

I am most excited to live in the Midwest for the first time and to have the opportunity to learn pediatric oculoplastics at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. 

What do you look forward to about living in St. Louis?

I’m looking forward to exploring Forest Park and the food scene in the city. I am known as somewhat of a carnivore so am especially excited to try St. Louis BBQ and ribs!