Residents & Fellows Spotlight: Kamran Ahmed, MD

Kamran Ahmed, MD

(Pediatric Fellow)

What are your future plans?

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Why did you choose Ophthalmology and your specialty?

Technology, working with kids. variety of procedures, mission work.

Why did you chose WashU?

Excellent pediatric ophthalmology department with comprehensive training and additional training in pediatric refractive surgery.

What is your favorite memory of your fellowship?

Performing pediatric refractive surgery with Dr. Tyschen.

Favorite thing about living in St. Louis?

Wonderful city with many parks and recreational activities.

How did you survive quarantine?


What did you learn in your fellowship that impacted you the most?

Although I learned a lot, there is still much to learn. Everyday has been a learning experience.

How did you deal with the stress of your fellowship?

Teachers, family, friends, faith.

Favorite teacher or mentor and why?

All of the faculty have unique perspectives and much to learn from.

What advice do you have for incoming fellows?

Work hard and make the most of the limited time that you have.