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Residents & Fellows Spotlight: Tricia Fernandez, MD

Tricia Fernandez, MD

Pediatric Fellow

Where are you from?

Detroit, Michagan

Where did you attend Medical School?

Wayne State University

Where did you complete your residency?

Indiana University

Why did you choose Ophthalmology and your specialty?

Ophthalmology is a great combination of medicine, surgery, physics, and technology. It’s absolutely fascinating and offers many opportunities to make clear and immediate improvements in your patients’ lives

Why did you choose WashU?

I was very impressed with the training that WashU provides, along with the friendly culture here.

Favorite memory of your residency?

Hanging out with my fellow residents! COVID unfortunately put a damper on our social activities, but we still found ways to socially distance and meet to boost team energy.

What did you learn in your residency that impacted you the most?

Everyone is constantly learning and improving their knowledge and skills and we can all learn something from each other. I think I learned something from everyone I worked with in residency, including underclassmen and medical students.

How did you survive quarantine?

Painting, going on walks outside, and Skyping with friends!

What excites you most about starting your fellowship at WashU?

Learning new surgical skills and meeting new people.

What do you look forward to about living in St. Louis?

St. Louis seems like a very neat city with a rich history. I am looking forward to checking out the museums and visiting the Zoo here.