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2022 Ultimate BeepBall Tournament

WashU Visionaries

Congratulations! to the WashU Visionaries, headed by Philip Ruzycki, PhD and Liam McCoy (research tech, DOVS) on their very first entry into the 2022 MindsEye Ultimate BeepBall Tournament, that was held in Fenton Park on June 25, 2022.

BeepBall is a spin on baseball where everyone is blindfolded except the pitcher and catcher. This unique sport unites blind and sighted athletes on the same playing field. BeepBall serves as a year-round educational program for St. Louis Metro area public schools and community at large.

This program creates awareness of the low vision community and fosters inclusive recreation. The BeepBall is a fun hands-on way to raise support and teach about inclusivity, blindness, sportsmanship, and collaborative teamwork. BeepBall events are designed for people of all visual abilities to provide fun and learning within a diverse recreational experience.

Jeff -hit-run

BeepBall is…”A Dream Come True”

as described by athletes with visual disability