2023 Unrestricted Grant from Research to Prevent Blindness

The Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis John F. Hardesty, MD Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences has been granted an Unrestricted Grant by Research to Prevent Blindness (RPB) in the amount of $115,000 a year to support eye research conducted by the Department of Ophthalmology. This funding has been awarded based on a thorough review of criteria, including the department’s research activities, laboratory environment, and clinical and scientific staff, as evaluated by RPB’s renowned Scientific Advisory Panel.

The funds will be deployed at the discretion of the Department Chair, to provide maximum flexibility in developing and expanding eye research programs, and to provide opportunities for creative planning that go beyond the scope of restricted project grants.
The Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis holds one of 30 RPB Unrestricted Grants nationwide.

The Department’s research scientists are world-renowned academic leaders.  The major theme of research in the Department is visual neuroscience emphasizing developmental biology, retinal physiology, pathogenesis of retinal disease and strabismus/amblyopia. Other areas of excellence include lens/cataract, infectious/inflammatory eye disease, and clinical research/outcomes.

Todd Margolis, MD, PhD

Since it was founded in 1960, RPB has channeled more than $407 million into eye research. As a result, RPB has been identified with nearly every major breakthrough in vision research in that time. For information on RPB’s grants program, listings of RPB institutional and individual grantees, and findings generated by these awards, go to www.rpbusa.org.