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Congratulations! Andrea Santeford

Robert J. Boston photograph Apte Lab Shot for visual sciences Apte in the center.

Andrea Santeford, MS, Research Laboratory Supervisor in the Dr. Apte’s Lab, has led the effort on a paper published in eLife on August 23, 2021. The paper is supported by an NIH grant awarded to the Apte Lab.

Age-related inflammation, also known as inflammaging, is a leading driver of multiple aging-related diseases. Andrea Santeford and colleagues in the Apte Lab and collaborators demonstrate in their publication in eLife that aging leads to differential expression of micro RNAs in macrophages, which in turn promotes mitochondrial dysfunction. The discovery of a role for miR-146b in macrophage biology, and the role of its decreased expression with age in driving aspects of macrophage functional decline with aging is a key finding of this manuscript.