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Dr. Vladimir Kefalov receives the 2019 Bressler Award

This weekend, Dr. Vladimir Kefalov received  the 2019 Bressler Award at the 2019 Alfred W. Bressler Vision Science Symposium and Pisart Seminar at the University Club of New York.

Dr. Vladimir Kefalov is the recipient of the 2019 Bressler Prize, and Dr. Tiffany Schmidt is the 2019 Pisart Award honoree. “These two outstanding researchers, chosen by an independent panel of judges who are leading physicians and scientists in the field of vision care and research, are being recognized for their significant contributions to vision science and research,” said Alan R. Morse, JD, PhD, President and CEO of Lighthouse Guild.

Lighthouse Guild is the leading organization dedicated to addressing and preventing vision loss. We do this by coordinating care for eye health, vision rehabilitation, behavioral health and related services. Our goal is to reduce the burden of living with vision loss, it is the cornerstone of what we do.