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ARVO 2023 Presenters

Congratulations to all Washington University Ophthalmology ARVO 2023 presenters

Rajendra Apte, MD, PhDPresentation “Laser Therapy/Surgery”
Jason ColasantiPoster “C0352: MiR-34a promotes choroidal neovascularization through modulating the KLF2/CXCR4 axis”
Isabella GomesPoster “C0448: Phenotypic heterogeneity in a family with a late Cone-Rod Homeobox truncation mutation”
Mae Gordon, PhDPresentation “How to minimize bias”
Poster “B0166: Prediction model of visual field progression in the Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study”
Ellen HardingPoster “B0074: Conditional ablation of H3f3a and H3f3b reveals an essential role for variant histone deposition in retinal development”
Lynn Hassman, MD, PhDPresentation “Single cell RNA-Sequencing of aqueous immune cells reveals a spectrum of ocular immune responses in human uveitis”
Tae Jun LeePoster “C0408: Catalytic Subunits of AMPK, Prkaa1 and Prkaa2, Differentially Regulate Rod Photoreceptor Function”
Joseph LinPaper “Conserved and patient-specific ocular-systemic cytokine gradients in human uveitis” Presentation “Choroid-peripheral immune signaling in age-related macular degeneration”
Marcello Magri Magri AmaralPoster “B0109: Evaluation of retinal vascular responses to hypercapnia using optical coherence tomography angiography”
Sean McCrackenPaper “Homeostatic mitochondrial and cytoplasmic Ca2+ levels are associated with retinal ganglion cell survival”
Dan MurphyPoster “C0385: Genetic reprogramming via acute Nr2e3 knockout prevents photoreceptor degeneration”
Marisa O’Brien, ODPoster “B0105: Corneal Integrity in Children and Adolescents with Marfan Syndrome”
Chas PfeiferPoster “B0373: Microglia promote amacrine cell loss in a mouse model of early-stage diabetic retinopathy”
Carla Siegfried, MDPaper “Novel molecular mechanisms for glaucoma disparities: Alterations in mitochondrial proton leak and oxidative status in trabecular meshwork cells”
Florentina Soto, PhD“Viral strategies for retinal circuit mapping and visual restoration”
Chi Sun,PhDPoster “C0594: Aberrant outer nuclear layer (ONL) phenotypes and vasculature in mouse models of dominant CRX homeodomain (HD) mutations”
Leo VolkovPoster “C0413: Samd7 suppresses short-wavelength cone fate and promotes rod differentiation in zebrafish”
James Walsh, MD, PhDPaper “The choroid coordinates local ocular immune responses during autoimmune uveitis” “Intraocular immune response in human uveitis: new perspectives and future directions”