LASIK surgery offers life-changing vision correction, decreasing the need for glasses and contacts. Washington University LASIK Surgery Center in St. Louis is committed to providing top of the line vision correction services. We offer the best patient care and outcomes available using cutting edge laser technology.

Stephen Wexler, MD - LASIK Surgeon
Eric Polk, OD, FAA - Specialized Optometrist

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Washington University LASIK Surgery Center Medical Director Stephen Wexler, MD and Clinical Director Eric Polk, OD, FAAO.


Dr. Stephen Wexler has committed his career to refractive surgery and has been performing LASIK and PRK surgery for over 24 years. He has performed 70,000+ LASIK surgeries.

Dr. Wexler and Dr. Polk have been working as a refractive surgery team for over 20 years.


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At Washington University we use the latest technology to get the best patient outcomes. We perform each LASIK surgery with blade-less laser technology. We also have the capability of performing topography-guided LASIK that is specific to your visual needs.

Topography-guided LASIK allows us to not only correct your nearsightedness and astigmatism, but also corrects those subtle visual imperfections that can affect night vision and contrast sensitivity. This advanced technology can help improve your odds of achieving 20/20 vision after surgery.

*Not everyone is a candidate for topography-guided LASIK


Positive outcomes are our highest priority. That is why we use the latest diagnostic technology, including epithelial mapping. Epithelial mapping is a high-tech tool used to help us decide who are good candidates for LASIK by screening out those that may be at higher risk for problems following the procedure.

Meet Our Physicians

Stephen A. Wexler, MD

Stephen A. Wexler, MD

Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

 Medical Director Washington University LASIK Surgery Center

Eric Polk, OD, FAAO

Eric Polk, OD, FAAO

Staff Optometrist, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences


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