2017 Labor Day Weekend Team

Pictured (l-r):  Dr. Rithwick Rajagopal, Dr. James Liu, Dr. Angela Jiang, Dr. Maxwell Dixon, and Dr. Albert LiNot pictured:  Dr. Anthony Leonard

2017 Ophthalmology Awards

Drs. James and Linda Duan-Song Award for Clinical/Surgical Excellence  was established in 2011 to recognize a resident demonstrating outstanding clinical and surgical skills. The award is determined by a vote of the entire faculty and the recipient must be nominated in both the best clinical and best surgical categories and receive the most overall votes. Wesley Green, MD […]

DOVS 3rd Year Residents

From Left to right:Robi Maamari, MD, Angela Jiang, MD, Cynthia Montana, MD, PhD, Grace Paley, MD, PhD,& Joel Palko, MD