Third Year Residents match with their fellowships!

Congratulations! Third Year residents, Karen Hong, Hayley James, Janani Sigaravelu, Hui Zhao and Jennifer Enright matched with their fellowships this week! Karen Hong, MD, MPhil–Glaucoma–Mass Eye and Ear Hayley James, MD– Surgical Retina-University of Kentucky Janani Singaravelu, MD –Ocular Oncology-Cleveland Clinic Hui Zhao, MD -Cornea–UCSF Jennifer Enright, MD, PhD– Chief of Ophthalmic Trauma–Washington University in […]

2017 Labor Day Weekend Team

Pictured (l-r):  Dr. Rithwick Rajagopal, Dr. James Liu, Dr. Angela Jiang, Dr. Maxwell Dixon, and Dr. Albert LiNot pictured:  Dr. Anthony Leonard

2017 Ophthalmology Awards

Drs. James and Linda Duan-Song Award for Clinical/Surgical Excellence  was established in 2011 to recognize a resident demonstrating outstanding clinical and surgical skills. The award is determined by a vote of the entire faculty and the recipient must be nominated in both the best clinical and best surgical categories and receive the most overall votes. Wesley Green, MD […]

DOVS 3rd Year Residents

From Left to right:Robi Maamari, MD, Angela Jiang, MD, Cynthia Montana, MD, PhD, Grace Paley, MD, PhD,& Joel Palko, MD